1. Fight to end proposed dog santuary in North Titusville while pushing for retail space and walking jogging trails. By promoting a major retail establishments in the community, there will be more jobs within a small radius where people to have access to for shopping and work.

2. Form a cooperation between councilor, neighborhood leaders, and citizens to

Voice opinions and concerns
Sugguest solutions
Keep lines of communication open between city government and citizens
Fight of the best interest of the people in the district
Hold key people accountable for their actions in a positive, constructive way

3. Destory properties that are condemed or in bad shape in an effort to deter crime. Such property can be either used for residential for hardworking indiviuals, families, and senior citizens or rezoned for retail or nonprofit to invite people to live and work in the neighborhood.

4. Solicit police officers to directly patrol neighborhoods to stop and respond to crime efficiently and in a timely manner. People in the community should fear safe while at home or about in the community without fear of being victims of a crime.

5. Bring a major supermarket to the neighborhood, creating 300-400 jobs thus keeping revenue in the city and boost the local economy.

6. Use abandoned commerical and/or residential lots and properties to build a centralize community center providing positive activity and opportunities so people do not migrate or commit crime.

7. Remodel apartment complexes with affordable rent ceilings for working individuals/families and senior citizens.

8. Provide acccessable job training, life skills, counseling, and other services for people having difficulty in finding help.

9. Develop a plan that will distribute assistance to people that truly need help and not abusing the system (i.e. programs to rehabilitate homes, financial assistance for necessities).

10. Work with the Mayor’s Office on Youth to provide young people with summer employment and skills needed to compete in the job market.