The Democratic Party in Alabama is broken with leaders that do not stand for traditional values, progressive stands on issues, and are corrupted in their dealings. I am standing up against these political tactics and bullies, end the corruption that plague the state’s executive committee and party, use the grassroots approach to selecting candidates that will provide a positive outlook, and progressively advocate issues that matters to the people of Alabama no matter how small they are. Through progressive and grassroots lobbying and advocacy, I will continue the work to educate, empower, and enlighten the people of Alabama not only the issues of the day, but to stand with individuals and organizations that will fight to improve the quality of life for all Alabamians. No longer will I stand and continue to allow the system to dismantle our freedom and way of life by a few who had never been where we have gone. I will continue to make my voice know when others see me as a threat and want to shut down my voice. Not only do I seek to be understood, but also seeking to understand. Understand that no issues is too small or great for me to address because everyone is important. Understand that when something is not right, I am willing to jump in the fire at the expense of my own life. Understand I can learn from you and build positive networking to build positive change. I am not just a typical Democrat, but a Progressive Democrat who no longer want to use the old ways of thinking and doing. Someone who is grassroots and work behind the scenes, but will take charge when necessary. If you are looking for someone who is active in the community, an individual of integrity, a progressive, grassroots champion of equality for all, a person who shows up without invitation or recognition, then you have found the right person to represent you. The saga for change continues.